Tribute Wall and In Memory Donations

Tributes & In Memory Donations

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the families and organizations who continue to make donations In Memory and as a Tribute to the lives of those who impacted us and will never be forgotten. 

Your thoughtful donations stay in our community, support our health care advancements and enrich the lives of local families today and for years to come. To make a donation In Memory click the button below, or read onto find out about our Wall of Tributes and how you can permanently honour a loved one’s legacy for all to see. 

Honouring those we love

To honour the life of loved ones, the Pembroke regional Hospital Foundation created a special Tribute Wall at your Regional Hospital. Located in Tower B, the wall offers families and opportunity to have a permanent plaque inscribed in memory of their loved ones.


What is the difference between “In Memory” and “Tribute Wall” donations?

“In Memory Donations” are made on a one-time or recurring basis using our online In Memory form, where you will be given the option to let us know who you are making the donation on behalf of. You will receive an email with a Chartiable Tax Receipt and thank you message with our heartfelt gratitude, paying our respects to your loved one. 

“Tribute Wall Donations” are made by either filling out this online Tribute form (or this alternative print-out form) and result in a physical plaque being created and displayed on our hospital walls. All Tribute Wall donations qualify for a Charitable Tax Receipt and have the added bonus of being admired and honoured by the public, our staff and patients at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. 

Can I honour more than one person on the Tribute Wall?

Yes! We offer single and double Tribute Plaques, click the information below to see example of this.

  • Top line: Max. 20 characters
  • 2nd line: Max. 20 characters
  • Bottom line: Max. 9 characters

  • Top line: Max 40 characters
  • 2nd line: Max 40 characters
  • Bottom line: Max 18 characters


What other ways are there to honour my loved ones legacy?

Increasingly popular are our Planned Giving and Estate Gifts, which allow you or your loved ones to contribute assets, stocks and other tax-based incentives to help grow their legacy for years to come. In recognition of these generous and thoughtful donations, all Estate Gifts & Planned Giving donors will have their name added to the Tribute Wall as courtesy of our foundation. 


Other questions?

We’re here to support you and help educate you on your options in honouring your loved one. Contact our team by calling 613-732-2811 (ext 7408), emailing [email protected], or visit us at 705 Mackay Street Pembroke ON, K8A 1G8 (Pembroke Regional Hospital, 1st Floor in Tower A).