Caring from the Core
Staff Payroll Deduction Program

Caring from the Core is a PRH staff payroll deduction program, supporting the Hospitals greatest needs.


The funds from this program are generated by our gracious staff members who agree to donate a portion of their recurring paycheques towards our Cancer Care Campaign.


Pembroke Regional Staff has helped the Foundation reach some pivotal fundraising goals and as our hospital continues to be recognized as a Centre for Health Care Excellence, we are incredibly thankful for the continued generosity of our staff and front-line workers for their efforts!


If you are hospital staff member who receives regular paycheques you can sign up for the Payroll Deduction Program today by either drooping by the Foundation Office, calling 613-732-2811 ext. 7408 or sending us an email to: [email protected]


Who can participate in this program?

All staff members of the Pembroke Regional Hospital who receive regular paycheques can sign up to become ongoing donors and participate in the Caring from the Core Program.


How much should I donate?

Every single dollar received helps strengthen health care services in our community, we encourage you to donate what feels right for you. Here is an easy to adopt break-down of what your regular donations will add up to:

  • $1,000 per year ($38.46 per bi-weekly pay period)
  • $500 per year ($19.23 per bi-weekly pay period)
  • $250 per year ($9.61 per bi-weekly pay period)
  • $130 per year ($5.00 per bi-weekly pay period)
Where does the money go?
Thanks to the countless staff members already in the program we have continued to be able to reach many of our ongoing Cancer Care Campaign goals, we wouldn’t be able to do it without each and every single one of you!


Other questions?

Contact our team at: [email protected] we’ll be happy to help!


Sign up for the Payroll Deduction Program today

Drop by the Foundation Office today to pick up your Staff Payroll Deduction form. If you have any questions concerning your payroll deduction, please feel free to contact us. 

Phone: 613-732-2811 ext. 7408 |  Email: [email protected]