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The Ace of Spades has been CAUGHT and Over One Million Dollars has been Raised for the Pembroke Regional Hospital!

The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation is excited to announce that  the Ace of Spades has been “caught” on week #49 in their Catch the Ace lottery  supporting the Cancer Care Campaign. The lucky winner, Jason Leblanc of Petawawa, took home an amazing prize of $692,322! Jason’s winning ticket #WW-6066942 was  drawn from the online electronic generator and he chose Card #35 which revealed the  Ace of Spades! Jason purchased his ticket in person at one of our cash locations,  Beyond Nutrition in Petawawa. 

Jason expressed his shock and excitement, telling the Foundation staff, “My wife and I  have been buying tickets for years and never expected to win, we are still in shock.” 

PRH Foundation Executive Director, Roger Martin said that the Foundation is very proud of everyone who helped raise a milestone amount of $1,078,500 for the PRH  Foundation. “This incredible surge in revenue will help us close the Cancer Care  Campaign months ahead of schedule, which is good for everyone who needs these life saving services. A huge congratulations to Jason and Nicole for their big win and  catching that elusive Ace of Spades!” 

“The PRH Foundation’s latest Catch the Ace not only resulted in excitement throughout  our region but also created a huge wave of generosity that resulted in a contribution of  over one million dollars to our hospital,” said PRH President and CEO Sabine  Mersmann. “We can’t express enough how important these funds are to the future of  health care in our community and I am truly grateful to everyone who participated in  Catch the Ace and ultimately contributed to our future in delivering care closer home.  These funds will go towards the planned improvements in our Chemotherapy and  Medical Daycare areas which are designed to improve the patient experience and  deliver care to more patients,” she said.  

PRH Foundation Board Chair, Lisa Edmonds, was blown away by the success of this  fundraiser and shared, “Wow! This has been such an exciting Catch the Ace event! A  huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased tickets, sold tickets, told your friends  about it, and shared us on social media. It was lots of fun and all of this helped others  by giving back to local health care. Congratulations to our winner, Jason! Enjoy!” 

Stay tuned for updates regarding the next Catch the Ace lottery in support of the  Pembroke Regional Hospital, which will be announced before the holiday season and  start in the new year. 

Mr. Martin added, “Thank you to ALL our supporters, and we will see you when the deck  gets shuffled for the next Catch the Ace folks!”


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