MRI now complete

On October 17, during the 10th Annual Black & White Gala, the Mulvihill family completed the MRI Image Matters campaign.

Stay tuned for more details as we gather photos and stories from the Gala to share with you.

Tuesday August 11th 2015 was a monumental day for Renfrew County as the first-ever MRI was delivered to the Pembroke Regional Hospital.  With its arrival, the Foundation and the Hospital enter the final stages of the MRI Image Matters Campaign.

The MRI came online in stages.  Experts from Siemens are working alongside our staff and physicians in the fine tuning of the multi-million dollar diagnostic tool, and together begin scans on September 14, 2015 for a select number of patients.

General referrals began in October 2015, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has provided funding for our MRI to operate from 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

Our community has donated more than $4,500,000 to the MRI campaign.  In 2011, the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation began to quietly build our campaign behind the scenes to bring MRI home to Renfrew County. The cost of this project is $4,500,000 to purchase and install a Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine at our regional hospital.

MRI means quicker access to the right diagnosis of soft tissue injuries, diseases and ailments for the 101,326 people who our hospital serves. This diagnostic tool offers greater contrast resolution in the diagnoses and preoperative assessments of various types of cancers, joint injuries, and other soft tissue ailments. MRI will expand our capabilities and support our existing and future programs, while boosting our health care partnerships and fostering a premiere hospital.

Previously, the nearest MRI was a 320 km round trip minimum in Ottawa, this service will help ensure the Pembroke Regional Hospital remains at the forefront of medical care in Renfrew County for decades to come.



 Together we can clearly advance regional health care


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