Family Remembers Twins


(1st Row Left to Right) Bob Cotnam, Dianne Purcell, Connie Green, Cambrien Elizabeth and Kinsley Vroom 
(2nd Row Left to Right) Stephanie Stewart, Dr. Lawrence Onochie, Richard Vroom, Karen Schreaderl, Jennifer Vroom, Janet Kraemer, Neilda Hayes, Kevin Vroom, Greg Junop


Donation of fetal heart monitor and education fund to Pembroke Regional Hospital 

(Pembroke) – Together with family, hospital obstetrical staff, and PRHF members, great-grandparents Robert and Isabel Vroom and family honoured the memory of their children Robert and Christine Vroom by donating a Fetal Heart Monitoring Unit and a Staff Education Fund to the Pembroke Regional Hospital.


“We were stationed at the Foymount Radar during the Cold War,” shared patriarch Robert Vroom via Skype. “Even though we lost our twins Robert and Christine Vroom in 1953,” continued Robert, “their memory has never faded. It means so much to be able to honour them and to support current best practice for premature babies and their families in the Ottawa Valley.’”


Robert and Isabel Vroom, visited Pembroke Regional Hospital via Skype to donate $32,000 to purchase a new state-of-the-art fetal heart monitor and create an education fund for staff at the Pembroke Regional Hospital. The education fund will help the 30 staff enrolled in the new MORE OB program, as well as the staff with the Perinatal Professional Development Program. Attending in person on behalf of Richard and Isabel were children Richard (Neilda Hayes) Vroom, Jennifer Vroom, grandson Kevin Vroom, and great-grandchildren Cambrien, Kinsley and Elizabeth Vroom. With the help of technology, four generations of the Vroom family were able to gather together to make the gift.


“We are blessed to be able to gather here and share the memory of siblings as well as improve the quality of care available,” said Richard Vroom. “Our parents’ wish was to make sure the best care is available, and we are honoured to be here to present the gift on their behalf.”Accepting the gift was Connie Green, Nursing Unit Representative and Janet Kraemer, Director of Maternal & Child Care / Surgical Programs. “This heart monitor is a deeply personal gift that ensures we can monitor fetal well-being and assure Mom that everything is okay,” shared Kraemer. “We are most happy to receive both gifts, which will help our efforts to provide safe obstetrical care and enhance our abilities. This September we are planning to implement an out-patient obstetrical clinic, and this gift certainly allows us increase our capabilities, both in terms of technology and knowledge resources.”On June 13th, less than five days after presenting this gift, Robert William Alfred Vroom suddenly passed away at his home surrounded by loved ones. Robert and Isabel shared 68 wonderful years together. His memory, and the memories of their children Robert and Christine, will continue to live on in the legacy they created to improve health care accessibility throughout Renfrew County.If you have a fundraising idea or event, or for more information, please contact the Foundation office at 613 732 2811 ext. 7408 or email [email protected]


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