Kiwanis Club of Pembroke Makes Final Payment On Dialysis Station At PRH

The Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation is delighted to announce they have received the final installment towards a $50,000 pledge from the Kiwanis Club of Pembroke.


In 2005, the Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation launched its “A Gift of Hope…Closer to Home” campaign in the hopes of raising $600,000 for a muchneeded Satellite Dialysis Unit at Pembroke Regional Hospital. At the time, the Foundation spoke of the hardships and stress placed on Dialysis patients and their families having to travel to Ottawa for this lifesaving treatment.


Without hesitation, the Kiwanis Club of Pembroke quickly pledged their support as one of six station sponsors. The Foundation is happy to announce today that their final $10,000 installment has been received, completing the service club’s financial commitment to the campaign.


“Thank you, once again, to all members of the Kiwanis Club of Pembroke,” said the Foundation’s Executive Director Nancy Warren. “Because of you, the path to comprehensive local healthcare is that much more assured at Pembroke Regional Hospital.”


Joyce Moore, Kiwanis Club of Pembroke President said, “I am pleased the club could help get this vital program underway for our community six years ago and I want to thank the community for their generosity in supporting the fundraisers our members operate throughout the year.”


Vijay Raghavan, Incoming President stated, “Now that this project is finished, you will see us fundraising for the Kiwanis children’s splash pad project at Riverside Park, and other very worthwhile projects.”


Nancy Warren, Executive Director
Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation
(613) 732-2811, ext. 6223 / [email protected]